Stayed tuned for information about upcoming 2024 shows in the Gallery including artists Ayca Kilicoglu, George McCalman, Holly Coley, Rachel Simkover, Creative Growth..and more..

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Current Exhibit

Ayca Kilicoglu - Eclectic Beginnings

March 12th to April 7th, 2024 Park Life Gallery email info@parklifestore.com for more

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Featured Book

Arranging Things: A Rhetoric of Object Placement

Originally published in 2003, Leonard Koren’s highly sought-after Arranging Things: A Rhetoric of Object Placement utilises the language of rhetoric to portray visual arrangement as a ‘communicational act: its own language-like form of aesthetic expression’. Back by popular demand, this new edition of Arranging Things presents Du Pasquier’s artistic works in a generous format in celebration of Leonard Koren’s visual journey through the heart of design philosophy. Arranging Things is not merely a popular book on design; it is a landmark text, a practical manifesto of aesthetic beauty, one for brightening and broadening the way we understand and arrange our worlds. Published by Apartamento Publishing S.L.